About HLB


First in Korea to obtain class certification for offshore pipes

Since developing GRE/GRP Pipes in 2009, the HLB Pipe division has specialized in supplying high-quality GRE/GRP Pipes to shipyards in and outside of Korea, and the power generation & petrochemical plant market.

Recently, for industrial and marine piping, GRE/GRP pipes are being substituted for conventional steel pipes. Compared to steel pipes, GRE/GRP pipes offer a longer service life at a lower maintenance cost, at a similar or lower price, depending on the operating condition.

Following the recent trend to apply GRE/GRP pipes for SOx Scrubbers and Ballast systems, GRE/GRP piping is an emerging entity in the new-building and retrofit market.


  1. 2018~2019
    • GRE SOx scrubber line, production for Japan, SHI / Oshima / Tsuneishi / Namura/ Pantheon Tankers Management Ltd.(Greece)’s retrofit
    • 200 Vessels contracted (SOx Scrubber & ballast)
  2. 2017
    • GRE Inert Gas line, 1st shipment delivered to Japan, Sasebo shipyard
  3. 2016
    • Granted ‘New Excellent Technology’ from Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy Registered at PETROBRAS, as a vendor for ‘Fiberglass reinforced resin tubing, for offshore installations, in compliance with ASTM F 1173 or ISO 14692’
  4. 2015
    • Won DSME LNG carrier order
  5. 2014~2015
    • Registered 3 big shipbuilders, HHI, DSME, SHI
  6. 2013~2014
    • Won LPG carrier, $6MIL Onshore plant order
  7. 2013
    • As a listed company on KOSDAQ, “HLB Co., Ltd.” merged “Hyundai Lifeboats Co., Ltd.” and launched Composite Material Div.
  8. 2010
    • Selected ‘World’s First Class Product’ by Ministry of Knowledge & Economy
  9. 2009
    • Awarded “10 Million Export Tower” Entered GRP/GRE PIPE Market
  10. 2008
    • Established “Hyundai Yachts Co., Ltd.”
    • Equipped GRP PIPE production & test equipment
    • Established “Bada Heavy Industry”
  11. 2004
    • Awarded “5 Million Export Tower” for the 41st Trade Day
  12. 2000
    • Established ‘Hyundai Lifeboats Co., Ltd.’ taking lifeboat business from Hyundai Precision
  13. 1975
    • Established “Kyungil Industry, Ltd.”



    Challenge & Enthusiasm
    Technology & Quality
    Communication & Collaboration


    GRE Pipe and Engineering Service Provider for Offshore & Marine vessels with the best quality.


    Creative and Enterprising Corporate Culture,
    Flexible & Learning Organization,
    Technical Innovation through Corporate-wide Capacity Building

Group Company

HLB Korea is leading future changes in the fields of offshore plants, marine leisure and biotechnology.


HLB emphasizes the fact that technology and quality are the ultimate customer services, and operates its R&D center with a prolific R&D team devoted to developing original technologies.

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HLB PIPE Division

  • Add243-22, Cheoyongsaneop-ro, Cheongnyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, Republic of Korea
  • Tel+82-52-256-9261
  • Fax+82-52-267-0663

By car

From Ulsan Station (approx. 35 minutes by taxi)
  • 1Take the Ulsanyeok-ro for 1.5km and turn right at ‘Beomseo’ at the Gusu Crossway.
  • 2Turn right at the Janggeom IC Crossway, enter the Shinbok overpass, and drive 1.5km on the Nambusunhwando-ro (Southern Beltway).
  • 3Follow the ‘Shinil General Industrial Complex, Ulsan Free Trade Area’ direction at the Cheongryang Crossway, and turn right toward ‘Neighborhood Park’.
From Ulsan Airport (approx. 35 minutes by taxi)
  • 1From the airport, turn right toward ‘City Hall’.
  • 2Follow the ‘Ulsan New Port, Petrochemical Complex, Jangsaengpo’ direction at the Yeocheon Crossway, and turn left toward the ‘Petrochemical Complex’ at the Myeongdong Crossway.
  • 3Follow the ‘Shinil General Industrial Complex, Ulsan Free Trade Area’ direction at the Cheongryang Crossway, and turn right toward ‘Neighborhood Park’.

Public Transportation + Taxi

From Ulsan Station (approx. 75 minutes)
  • 1Take the 5004 bus
  • 2Get off at the Deokha Market
  • 3Take a taxi to your destination (243-22, Cheoyongsaneop-ro, Cheongnyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan)